Chegg Expert Login and Registration [STEP BY STEP]

What is Chegg Expert?

Are you stuck on a tricky homework question? Chegg Expert connects you with subject masters in India who can explain it clearly. Just post your question, get step-by-step solutions, and boost your understanding! If you are struggling with Chegg expert login or Chegg expert registration checkout the article below, I have shown step by step with proper images.

Earn rewards along the way if you’re an expert yourself. It’s a win-win for students and knowledgeable peers!

Company NameChegg India
Date of Establishment2006
Entry In India2016: Chegg acquired Learnflix, an Indian edtech platform, marking their initial entry into the Indian market.
2020: The acquisition was fully integrated, and Learnflix offerings were merged with Chegg’s services.
2023: In May, Chegg launched Chegg Mathway in India, a free mobile app to help students solve various math problems step-by-step.
Who can apply?Any Degree holder of the country can apply.
Mode of Registration?Online
Official website Chegg Expert Login

Chegg Expert Registration

If you have expertise in any subject why waste your knowledge as a student worldwide looking for a solution? Here I will teach you step-by-step how you can do your Chegg expert registration and earn some money. 

  1. Open the official website from the link above and make sure it is Now click on the Apply button and proceed to the next page.
Chegg login

  • Now here to need to submit your email and hit submit (make sure to use your main email). Now enter your details and process them.

  • You will get the email from CheggIndia for verification Hit Click on which I have highlighted. After clicking the verification email, you have me make a password for login so make the password and write it down in your notebook for safety.

  • It will redirect your the dashboard where you have to do the next steps to complete your registration.

  • You will get a walk-through video where you learn how to do the next steps like Agreement, Registration, Assessment Dashboard, and Verification. 

  • Don’t worry the registration is simple as you just need to submit your mobile number and referral code. You can refer your friend by entering their mobile number.

  • Now you have to choose the subject in which you have expertise and complete the questions to verify whether you are good. Give your 100% and wait for the result.
  • In the verification section, you must provide your Degrees, Residence Proof, government-approved ID, Bank Details, etc., so prepare these documents before registering.
  • Only 3 attempts to clear the test
  • The test will have 20 questions. 
  • If someone fails the subject test, the candidate can reappear for the test again after a cooling period of 1 month. 
  • After one 1-month candidates need to write an email to to reappear for the test.

Now you have to wait for 5-7 working days to get the result from the Chegg Expert Team. 

Once Selected, you will receive a Q&A selection email with instructions for the onboarding stage. 

Chegg Expert Login

If you are facing a problem while Chegg expert login follow these steps I will guide you step by step. Don’t click on the fishy links that might steal your data, always check the URL before filling in the details. Remember while logging Chegg Expert login page, is the official website.

  • Go to the official website of and hit the join button.

  • Now click on the already registered user sign-in link shown in the image.
  • Now type your email click next enter your password and hit sign-in.
  • Here we go, you just sign in to your Chegg expert account and you don’t have to worry about Chegg expert login afterward.
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Documents Needed for Chegg India Registration.

If you want to register on the Chegg website, you must prepare these documents to do your registration hassle-free. Because if you don’t prepare your documents it will take extra few hours to find the right document.

  • The first thing is your email and mobile number.
  • The second thing would be your degrees, This is necessary of course. 
  • Next Addhar card and Pan card are the most important.
  • Your Bank account details because where you will get the payment.
  • A latest passport-size photo is required to complete the registration.

Eligibility Criteria for Chegg India

If you want to know who can register on the Chegg India website, here are the criteria for the registration. 

For Students (wanting help):

  • Live in India: Chegg India currently caters to students within the country.
  • Be enrolled in studies: This could be any level of education, from school to university.
  • Have a valid ID: This verifies your student status and helps Chegg keep things secure.

For Experts (wanting to help):

  • Hold a relevant degree: Your degree should match the subject you want to help students with (e.g., B.Tech for engineering, MBA for business).
  • Pass an online test: This short test checks your subject knowledge and ensures you can answer questions.
  • Explain well: The key is to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps for students.

Benefits of Chegg Expert Login and Registration.

For Students:

Get expert help: Stuck on a question? Connect with subject masters in India who can explain it clearly, and step-by-step.

Boost your understanding: Learn better with clear explanations and different problem approaches.

24/7 support: Get help anytime, anywhere, day or night, whenever needed.

For Experts:

Earn money online: Share your knowledge and earn per question you answer, creating a flexible income stream.

Work from home: Be your boss and set your hours, working from home.

Boost your knowledge: Stay updated on your subject and sharpen your skills by helping others learn.

Objective Of Chegg Expert Registration

Students and Experts: Join the Chegg India Community!

Students: Chegg Experts, India’s subject masters, are here to help! Get step-by-step explanations, clear your doubts, and boost your understanding anytime, anywhere.

Experts: Share your knowledge, earn per question answered, and build a flexible income stream. Work from home, set your hours and choose your subjects. Plus, by helping others learn, you deepen your understanding and stay sharp!

Join the Chegg India community – it’s a win-win for everyone!

How much does Chegg pay per question?

There is no exact amount but the amount you can earn on Chegg India depends on several factors, I can explain how it works:

  • Pay is per question, not per hour: You get paid for each question you answer correctly and thoroughly.
  • Rates vary based on subject and complexity: Harder subjects or trickier questions usually pay more.
  • Quality matters: Answering well with clear explanations can lead to higher pay.
  • Demand plays a role: If there are many experts for your subject, pay might be lower.

So, it’s tough to predict your earnings. Some experts say they make a few thousand rupees a month, while others mention much higher amounts. Remember, it’s part-time work, so income won’t be fixed like a regular job.

Let’s take a look at Rahul Kgp, He is a student of civil engineering and got an average of Rs.168/question. He was getting hard questions and was not easy to solve so he skipped a lot of questing. 

Thinking this is not the right side hustle he gave himself a second chance. This time he researched and after several experiments, he found the best time for easy and medium-level questions that he could solve. Now he spent almost a year on the platform and his peak month was Rs.40,000. That’s unbelievable so If you still think this is not good or fake give yourself a try.

How Much Chegg Pay per Question for Accounting

The pay rate is fixed for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting etc. The pay rate for these subjects is between Rs.145-170. 

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription

If you want to cancel the Chegg Subscription follow these steps. Go to my account>Click Orders> Subscription, Now here you will check your subscriptions and cancel which one you want. 

Chegg Subscription Cost in India

The Chegg subscription price in India starts at ₹299 per month for the Study Pack, which includes:

  • Homework solutions to over 80 million problems
  • Textbook rentals
  • Step-by-step explanations
  • Live Q&A with Chegg experts
  • 24/7 plagiarism and grammar checking

There are also other plans available, with different features and prices. Here is a table that summarizes the different Chegg subscription plans in India:

PlanDescriptionPrice per month
Study PackHomework solutions, textbook rentals, explanations, Q&A, plagiarism checking₹299
Study Pack PlusEverything in Study Pack, plus flashcards, practice tests, and more₹499
Chegg MathUnlimited problem-solving help with step-by-step explanations for math problems₹249
Chegg WritingFeedback on your essays from writing tutors₹999

You can also get a discount on your subscription if you pay for a longer term. For example, a 6-month subscription to the Study Pack costs ₹1,644, which is the equivalent of ₹274 per month.

Here are some links to the Chegg India website where you can find more information about their subscription plans:


Many people are facing problems with Chegg Expert Login or Chegg Expert Registration because it is a bit complicated. But don’t worry I make everything easier by doing it step by step and I attached all steps screenshots so that you can apply from your home too.

I hope after this article you won’t struggle with Chegg Expert login or signup or anything related to the company. If you still have some issues leave a comment below we try to help you.

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