Top Online Job Without Investment in 2024

A lot of people in India looking for a job that generates extra or full-time income without spending a single penny because of fraud or risk. To be honest, wanting an online job without investment was my headache because of the fake listings or websites.

I was afraid of being a fraud or getting unpaid after months. I came through these challenges and got to know that there are many online ways where you can earn extra or good side income without investment. 

So if you are interested in an Online job without Investment stay with us.

Chegg India:

So you might be wondering why I place this on number one. So let me tell you something, Chegg India has been ruining since 2006 and came to India in 2016 something. It is the number one website for teachers or a subject expert who wants to earn money by solving questions.

These questions come from students across the globe and whoever solves them gets paid by the company. You will get paid per question so it depends on you how much you want to earn. The more you solve questions, the higher you get paid.

If you are interested In Chegg India website visit our blog post to registered yourself. I have shown step by step process.

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Cryptocurrency Airdrops:

This might be controversial for some users but I had to implement this to be aware of this big opportunity. Crypto Airdrops are good to earn extra income by spending an hour or two. I earn about 3-4 lakhs a year by spending little hours. And the best part is you don’t have to invest any money, It’s free for all but sadly there aren’t many people who are doing this.

How is that possible so Let me explain. You might heard about the Google Pay reward system, Amazon Pay, or similar apps that offer money over tasks or something. So crypto airdrops are very similar to this.

The company did not have enough money to pay 1 lakh or 2 users to use their system or app. So they offer their token, If someone uses their project in the company’s early days they get paid after the company is fully ready to launch.

A good company paid around 500-1000 tokens valued at around $500-1000. As you know the Total crypto market is around 2.5 Trillion US dollars. You just have to find a good Crypto Airdop channel to get the real projects. I am giving you the 3 best YouTube channels for Crypto Airdrops in India. Crypto GG, Crypto Hindi, Earn By Abhi.

YouTube Channel:

You may heard this before but trust me this is the best online job without investment. My younger brother created his YouTube channel named Teachy VK when he was 16. He uploaded Upcoming smartphone information and After 2-3 months his channel got into the limelight. He earned his first YouTube income in under 6 months.

So if you know anything just create videos around that topic and have some patience. Success is not easy so you have to spend at least 6 months to see the growth of your channel. 


Many people tell you that blogging is dead but don’t listen to them. This is also a blog and I am doing this with Crypto to earn money from my home. I take care of my parents with my job and that’s the best satisfaction for me.

If you are interested in writing you can do this easily. You have to write articles if you don’t have a budget to hire a writer. But when you get the pay from Google or Affiliate just hire writers to maximize your profit and expand your business.

Twitter (X):

To be honest this is one of the best side hustles you would ever imagine. Twitter or X is very good for new creators to get organic reach. I grow my crypto page from 0 to 50k within 3 months. Currently, the reach is very good and you Mr Beast personally tested to see the earning potential and it is a decent amount. 

You just have to share your YouTube video or Twitter and leave. X algorithm automatically boost your post after seeing your consistency. A bonus tip is to use trending hashtags to get a boost fast.

Conclude for Online Job Without Investment

I have mentioned those ways where you actually make money. I personally tested these ways and earned a good amount of money. If you focus on any one of them like Crypto or YouTube you could make a good amount of money like 30-50k per month from India.

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